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My Philospphy:

God has given us ways to retain and repair health that are simple and easy to apply. I strongly believe in keeping the eight laws of health as a means to do our part in not interfering with the design God has created for women to birth their babies naturally. Women are very apt and well designed for this task in my experience! I believe that pregnancy and birth are safe until proven otherwise. God has put a burden in my heart to help mothers to achieve the healthy childbirth experience they desire while helping to safeguard this moment via education, assessment, and advocacy. Interventions as far as I am concerned should be used only as needed and never as the routine.

My Calling to Serve…

I was born in a hospital in the city of Bogota, Colombia. My mother was the first in a long line of women, dating back to the beginning of humankind to use the medical model of care. The day I was born, she tells, was long, lonely, and very traumatic. She swore, she says, on that very day, to never birth another child again… true to her words… she never did.

I am so thankful to the Lord that my own birthday was not the end to what I heard about birth. I was blessed to grow under the shadow of a very wise woman who filled my ears, mind, and heart with the stories of gentle and even comical births. My dear grandmother, who birthed her own children at home, passed down to me a solid trust in God and love for the childbirth experience. By the time I was seven years of age, I knew two things besides meeting Jesus I wanted in my life: to have babies and to help babies be born.

So in truth, I must say my midwifery interest began when I was seven. My grandmother shared the knowledge of birth and midwifery that she had gained many decades prior helping the woman in her own community have babies at home.

And so began my love for mothers and babies. Its roots are firmly planted in God given  wisdom, customs, and beliefs that have called me to the service of midwife (with-woman).

My VERY first Midwifery Instructor: My grandmother (now 93 years young)


Professional Credentials:

I began my midwifery training at Miami Dade College in 2000 under their Midwifery Sciences A.S. program. My program was an intense MEAC accredited 90 credit Associate in Science degree that combined both academic studies with clinical hands-on training under various midwifery practices. I completed the program in 2003 holding the Academic Achievement Award for my graduating class. In 2004 I was licensed by the state of Florida to practice midwifery and gained my CPM certification. I practiced as an independent Licensed Midwife in Florida from 2004-2009 serving the South Florida area. In 2007, I obtained my Nursing Degree from Miami Dade College in an effort to widen my professional scope and was licensed as a Registered Nurse in 2008. In mid-2009 I relocated to Northern Virginia where I have been working as a Community Health Registered Nurse and a Certified Professional Midwife.

I am a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine since 2016 and am passionate about helping people obtain their maximum health potential.

Below: Midwifery School at Miami Dade College Class of 2002




Externship in Cartagena, Colombia: ESE Clínica de Maternidad Rafael Calvo

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Birth of a sweet baby girl in Miami, FL

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Who I am:

I am the happy mother of three sons and a daughter, two of which were born at home. My daughter is currently working on her own Midwifery education while my youngest son continues homeschool studies.  I am passionate about Jesus and hold fast to the blessed hope of His soon return as promised in the Holy Scriptures.

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