All in the Comfort of YOUR Home!

I assess, monitor, and support the normal pregnancy by spending time getting to know each woman and her specific needs. I honor and care for the many aspects of pregnancy; such as the physical, spiritual, and psychological progress of mother and baby.

Our prenatal care visits take place in your home and are 45 minutes to an hour long; giving you plenty of time to have all of your questions and concerns addressed, as we also get to know each other. Physical assessments are completed at each office visit to ensure the healthy progress of both you and your baby. I offer nutritional counseling as well as a natural approach as an alternative to standard drugs used in the management of common pregnancy-related complaints and concerns.

I keep a limit on the number of mothers I care for so as to offer each mother, baby, and family the best-individualized care.

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The Homebirth Package offers an individualized approach to prenatal care and extends this to provide safe birthing options for your family in your home setting.

Included in this package are:

  • Concierge Prenatal care (visits take place in the comfort YOUR home!)
  • At home concierge birth services including waterbirth option
  • Follow-up postpartum visits in the comfort of YOUR home
  • Follow-up newborn assessment in YOUR home
  • Again, I have a set limit on the number of mothers and babies I care for in my practice

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A midwife can offer you the right support you need regardless of where you choose to birth your baby! If home birth is not right for your particular circumstances, you can still enjoy premier complimentary care. Many mothers feel rushed at prenatal appointments that give them only a few minutes with their provider. Often times mothers have many more questions and concerns on their minds that can be answered at such brief encounters. What I offer you are monthly 45 min appointments to track your pregnancy, look out for possible complications, and educate you on how to experience the best possible pregnancy, birth and much more! By seeing you in between your regular OB appointments I can help add a more personalized touch to your pregnancy experience. All this in the comfort of your own home and with flexible evening and weekend appointments!

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Our birth team includes Certified Doulas who can support your pregnancy, birth, and beyond! We offer AMAZING doula packages no matter where you choose to birth.

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A monitrice is a midwife who is hired for the primary role of labor support. Much like a doula, a monitrice will provide hands-on support in labor but she also offers the clinical expertise and assessments that a doula cannot. A monitrice is able to perform limited clinical assessments such as:

  • Monitoring the baby’s heart rate during labor
  • Mother’s vital signs
  • Assessment of cervical dilation (progress of labor)
  • Having a monitrice with you during labor can help you feel more comfortable laboring at home longer before deciding to go to the hospital

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Not pregnant? I offer individualized, unhurried wellness exams as part of preconception counseling  in the comfort of YOUR home lasting at least an hour that includes:

  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Blood pressure
  • Breast exam
  • Pelvic exam
  • Pap test
  • Screening for STDs
  • Hormonal Blood testing
  • Reproductive health counseling
  • General health screening test

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I do offer care to the special needs cases after careful review and on a case by case basis.

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